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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Tahoma West’s New Issue Features an Assorted Collection of Quality Ingredients

The seventeenth issue of UWT’s annual literary magazine, Tahoma West, hit the stands on May 31. The new issue is roughly the same size as last year’s and contains 123 pages of original works by students. The magazine’s budget comes from student fees, like the Ledger, and readers are now able to enjoy the investment. Editor-in-Chief Rachel Ervin said the process of creating this issue was a little more selective this year due to the high amount of submissions. One piece, entitled “What to Say” is a collaborative effort of various students contacted through English professors. Ervin said that the prompt was suggested by UWT’s Chancellor Debra Friedman and writing professor Michael Kula. The idea was inspired by the work of Kwame Dawes who worked with NPR to create a piece of collaborative poetry through mediums like Twitter. “What to Say” was compiled and edited from 65 entries by Advanced Poetry Writing Professor Janie Miller so that everyone had a final voice in the poem in what she..

The Port-Graduate Survival Guide: Films to Get You Through the Next Few Months

For graduates, the coming weeks will be profound. When at last you put your pencil down after that final final exam or when you hit the save button on that last term paper, years of academic determination will culminate into a moment of bemused relief. Over the next few weeks, or even months, a wide range of emotions could visit you as you end this chapter of your life, but one thing is going to be certain: you’re going to have a hell of a lot more time on your hands. I know, because in the interest of putting this guide together, I finished the last of my coursework at the end of Winter Quarter back in March. (Truthfully, I had no idea that I was in-fact finished.) Not surprisingly, I have found that movies are a reliable option to deal with that burden of freedom as well as all the moods that have accompanied the paramount change in my life. So here, I offer advice for the types of moods you may experience over the next few weeks or even months, as well as a smattering of movies to h..

Graduation Fashion: A Warning

Good. I have your attention. I’ve recently come into some knowledge that may disappoint some of you ladies concerning appropriate attire at graduation this year. I’ve been strongly advised by an adviser against wearing high-heeled shoes at Commencement. Apparently there have been a lot of tumbles taken in the past due to the narrow nature of the steps leading up to the stage. Women have sustained injuries such as broken ankles, wrists, and sprains. Let’s not make a misstep and wear shoes that might incur injury and subsequent embarrassment on one of the most important days of our lives. There are plenty of other ways to let your personal style shine through the all encompassing black cap and gown. Wear accessories like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can get your finger and toenails done, too. And there’s nothing like getting your hair and makeup done up for a special occasion. Also, I believe we are allowed to tastefully decorate our mortarboards for Commencement. As you can s..

Awesome Literature / Writing Classes I Have Taken This Year

I am a psychology student but in order to stay somewhat grounded and to fill the creative void that psychology cannot always fulfill, I have taken an array of literature and writing classes here at UWT. The writing classes that I took this year in particular helped me immensely to become a confident writer and allowed me to delve out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend Introduction to Fiction Writing (TWRT 380) with Michael Kula and Introduction to Poetry Writing (TWRT 370) with Janie Miller for those who want to wet their feet as beginner writers because they are introductory classes and can serve as great starting points. These classes were not my initial exposure to writing because I had taken numerous literature classes in previous years. However, these classes provided an excellent basis for my interests in fiction writing and poetry. I have been an avid admirer of fiction since middle school when I discovered the imaginative force that accompanies reading books. I first reali..

Top 5 Timekillers: Games You Have Probably Used to Procrastinate Homework

Graduation is at hand! Many of our seniors will be leaving us soon, and it has probably taken a great deal of hard work to score degrees in their respective fields. They have also probably spent a large chunk of their time procrastinating homework, and game enthusiasts have likely sunk hundreds of hours on their favorite hobby in the name of doing that assignment later. Here are the top five games (or types of games) that you may regret checking how many hours you’ve killed with. Number 5: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Pet Society, etc. I do not play these games. I will never stop declining your requests for me to accept your chickens, I will never join your mob, and I do not need a squeaky toy for my digital Chihuahua because I will never play that Zynga pet simulator. That said, you might be one of the people sending me requests for that crap, in which case I don’t mean to offend you, but I’m not going to get sucked into that. I have better ways to spend my time… And better games to waste..

The Finality of “Final Fantasy VIII”

When I was sixteen, I got “Final Fantasy VIII” for the first Sony PlayStation, and I thought it was the most epic video game of all time. The SeeD Ball was my favorite cinematic scene because I related to Squall’s shyness with dancing with Rinoa. As an adolescent, “Final Fantasy VIII” made a great impression on me. Since “Final Fantasy VIII” was my first turn-based role-playing game, the gameplay was difficult to grasp at first. Having been used to real-time action games in which I can have my character attack at any moment, with “Final Fantasy VIII,” a meter at the bottom of the screen fills and when it is full, your character can attack. It was a new game mechanic, but I adapted. But what I loved most about the video game was its romantic love story. In my teen years, I was always falling in love with various female classmates, and always had my heart broken. As I identified with Squall, I was always cheering him on to hook up with Rinoa, even though falling in love with her takes ..


It is well known by many citizens that big business and their wealthy profiteering owners practically run Washington DC. With legions of high-paid, very smart lobbyists, “contributions” and other help to get “their” representatives elected, We The People’s voices have been all but drowned out by the deafening sound of a large cash register constantly ringing up their private profits: CHA-CHING. What may be worse than big money ruling DC is that many of the “movers and shakers” in the business sector, highly influential corporate executives, go directly from representing the “get richer now at any cost” crowd to influential positions in our government and vice versa. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worked as an attorney for Monsanto for four years earlier in his remarkable career. However, unlike most practicing judges, he does not recuse himself from cases pertaining to Monsanto. We The People, his bosses, expect him to be as “objective as a judge,” but his record indicate..

Forgione to Sing National Anthem to Grads

Dodi Forgione, this year’s graduation singer, will be performing the national anthem to open the 2013 ceremony, a task to which she is no stranger. “I’ve been doing the national anthem for my sons’ games for three years now,” she said as she talked about her most recent performance, at a UW baseball game, which was televised. Forgione, a mother of three, is majoring in psychology in the hopes of one day starting a seminar based program for parents and kids that will focus on communication and self-esteem awareness. Though she still has one year and a doctoral program to go, coming to school has been a powerful experience for Forgione. “I came to campus and realized that I had made it this far; the sky’s the limit,” she said. Education, to Forgione, is something that a person will always have, no matter what life challenges may arise. “I wish all the new grads the best,” she said, “They’ve accomplished something that no one can take away.” Photo courtesy of Dodi Forgione.

A Few Farewells

Elizabeth Pierini: ASUWT President At Convocation in fall freshman were given stoles which were embossed “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. The end of this year marks the end of a journey for all of us at UWT. As I reflect on the last year it is remarkable the dedication of the student, staff, and faculty which form the university community. For many of you I am sure you vividly remember your first step receiving an acceptance letter or remember your first day of classes and look at how far we have all come! I have watched over the course of four years as the community has embraced thousands of students supporting them in their all different pursuits. Our campus is remarkable in the diversity of students who attend from Everett to Olympia along with the international student which make up our community. I encourage everyone to thank professors, students, and family who support us on a daily basis to encourage through our academic careers. For many of us the jou..

Saying Goodbye to UWT Seniors

Socheata Sin: Accounting “My plan is to be a CPA. I did an internship in January, and then I got hired as a permanent staff at a CPA firm. My plan is to finish my fifth year and then get set ready to take the CPA exam. I have a friend named Gary Vires. He helped me by tutoring me, when I got stuck with homework or proofreading my paper. Basically I used him as my tutor, my number one resource! I just want to thank UWT; without the campus recruiting and job fair I wouldn’t be an employee! ” Kate Harpel: Psychology “After graduation, I want to get experiences! I did Running Start at TCC, and have been going nonstop since then, so I have the time now to just get out in the real world and apply what I’ve learned in school. I really enjoyed Cargill’s Psychology of Food and Culture class. Dr. West presents material in a way where you can’t help but grow from it. I’ve really enjoyed working at UWT’s two major publications, Tahoma West and the Ledger.” Brittnee Dolphin: Communications and ..