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Monthly Archives: October 2016

African Gyros and Chicken Skewers at Al Shukr Mini Market and Bakery

Al Shukr Mini Market and Bakery Is the Best Place to Eat Near Angle Lake Station by Charles Mudede The first time I visited Al Shukr Mini Market and Bakery was the day Angle Lake Station opened, September 24, 2016. It was a Saturday, and the sun was mostly out but not bright. I caught the southbound train in Columbia City. I saw the city's trees preparing for winter. I saw traffic on I-5 and a cluster of apartment complexes that were near the highest station on the line, the Tukwila International Boulevard Station. When I arrived at Angle Lake (a 25-minute trip), I spent a few minutes on the platform wondering about the colorful art installation, admiring the cold and hard whiteness of a prison facility (the Federal Detention Center) that sits on a recently repaved road, and desiring distant cities and countries as jet planes rose into the partially cloudy sky. A moment later, I was in a crowd of people squeezed between the new station and a massive parking complex decorated..

Births: Oct. 29

At St. John Medical Center

Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputy Craig Shelton recognized

One of the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office own was formally recognized Thursday by the Justice and Hope Awards committee for helping a domestic violence victim from an attempted murder investigation.

Mackerel, You Sexy Bastard

In Defense of "Fishy Fish": Sardines, Herring, and Mackerel by Corina Zappia Food writer Mark Bittman once called mackerel the Rodney Dangerfield of fish—it gets no respect. I stand guilty; my true love of mackerel and other oily fish began only after trying some pickled mackerel (saba) nigiri at Maneki a few years back. I remember being surprised at how much I enjoyed the nigiri, how much the acidity of the vinegar balanced out the strong, sweet meatiness of the mackerel. I stared down at what was left of the silvery morsel on my plate as if seeing it for the first time. Why hadn't I noticed you before, angel? Were you hiding under another fucking California roll? I didn't realize that fish could do more. A youth of Mrs. Paul's frozen breaded cod fillets does not exactly challenge the palate, and even the tougher meat of the catfish I enjoyed as a kid in southeast Texas was still comparatively mild and buried under breading. Because I was accustomed to and expecte..

Spooky spirits: On magazine’s guide to Halloween drinking

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Halloween is on a Monday, which is stupid and should never happen. (How come no one's campaigning on THAT issue?)

Little Island Creamery brings back the art of cheese making

In the 20th century, dairy farming ruled Wahkiakum County. From Deep River to Cathlamet, dairy farms covered the lowlands. A 1954 census found that two-thirds of the 367 farms in the area were dairy or livestock farms. Wahkiakum County −…

‘Bins of Light’ panels should arrive late next week; installation to follow

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The glass panels that will make up the city of Yakima's $450,000 "Bins of Light" public-art project have arrived on this continent, but they're still probably a week away from arriving here in town.

“Harry Potter” films return to big screen at Yakima theater

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima’s Majestic Theatre will screen all eight “Harry Potter” movies between Saturday and Oct. 29.

Capitol’s 4th Street Features series is back for second year

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Capitol Theatre’s innovative 4th Street Features series, designed to offer local talent a stage and local audiences something to do with their Tuesday evenings, is back for its second year.

Walking on sunshine: Idaho company installing solar pavement plaza

SANDPOINT, Idaho — Scott Brusaw has a vision for the nation’s roads.

Zombie banks are stalking Europe’s economy

FRANKFURT, Germany — The walking dead are gnawing at Europe’s weak economy — zombie banks and zombie companies.

Fierce resistance on first day of push toward Mosul, then Iraqi forces advance

ASQUF, Iraq — A force comprising thousands of Kurdish and Iraqi army soldiers wrested territory from the Islamic State outside the northern city of Mosul on Monday, facing occasionally fierce resistance at the start of a long-promised offensive to dislodge…

Commissioner candidates focus on challenges, growth

Cowlitz County commissioner candidates discussed ways to make the county more prosperous and attractive to young people at a League of Women Voters candidate forum Sunday.

Geotech work set for Columbia Heights Road

Columbia Heights Road will be reduced to one lane Tuesday while geotechnicians do studies for a retaining wall project.

Comic Con attendance plummets; organizers undaunted

YAKIMA, Wash. -- About 1,400 people attended Central City Comic Con last weekend, organizer Jamie Burns said, roughly half of last year’s attendance and well short of expectations.

Vashon Island Has a New BBQ Joint Called Gravy

The Surprisingly Delicious BBQ at Vashon Island's Gravy by Tobias Coughlin-Bogue {{ image:1, align:right, width:200 }}My dear old mum recently decided she'll be retiring on Vashon Island, assuring me a future of ferrying over to change lightbulbs and clean gutters when her belabored knees finally give. The first thing I noticed about Vashon, after a few Sunday house-hunting trips with mom, was that it really needs a good neighborhood bistro. It has Bramble House, which covers haute cuisine, and the Hardware Store, which serves as something of a community center (albeit one with a mad decent bowl of clams), but nothing that fits that "fancy but not too fancy for a Wednesday night" slot that does so well in Seattle's single-family enclaves. Gravy, which opened in April, looked to be exactly that. It's got a ludicrously affordable and approachable French-heavy wine list (everything is available by the glass), a menu stacked with Southern favorites but by no means ..

Renewable-energy projects not popular with everybody

ELLENSBURG, Wash. — As the state seeks to expand its renewable energy production, it’s clear that wind turbines and solar arrays have to go somewhere.

Food prices are dropping, but restaurant prices aren’t; here’s why

The United States is awash in pork, beef, eggs, milk and bountiful harvests. U.S. meat companies are producing nearly 5 percent more beef than in 2015, thanks in part to plentiful feed supplies. In turn, the big food producers like…

Global deal reached to limit 
powerful greenhouse gases

KIGALI, Rwanda — Nearly 200 nations have reached a deal, announced Saturday morning after all-night negotiations, to limit the use of greenhouse gases far more powerful than carbon dioxide in a major effort to fight climate change.

Ever see a superhero drink a beer? Comic con pub crawl set for Saturday

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There are no guarantees, but it's possible you'll see Batman knocking back highballs at a local bar on Saturday.