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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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King County Sheriff's office is working to stay one step ahead of potential terror attacks.
The zoo is asking for the public's input on what they should name the little guy.
The median sale price in the neighborhood is $425,000, but the neighborhood is still quite competitive, as 73 percent of homes are sold above list price.
Two years later, many fire victims are struggling to recover, and some still don't have homes.
KING 5 and Rover.com have joined forces to bring attention to Clear the Shelters Day on August 19, 2017
Your retina could burn and you wouldn't know it until it was too late.
According to an online petition, the school's Interim President Father William Heric fired two principals, and at least eight faculty members resigned.
There is confusion over the circumstances of Bannon's departure.
Police dog Apollo tracked 44-year-old Cory Cunningham after he escaped from a jail work center.
“It translates to a lot of fuel wasted per year, lots of wasted time."
Despite the total solar eclipse still being days away, heavy traffic that began Wednesday is still clogging a Central Oregon highway.
The long-awaited bar for pinball wizards and art nerds alike is almost open.
"I think that Seattleites, including our members, want business and labor to mix in this city in a way that's progressive."
The food scene may change as fast as our skyline, but that just means there’s more to explore.
One person is dead and a second is in critical condition.
A new season at Hugo House welcomes the "place for writers" back to its revamped Capitol Hill location, along with a local legend, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and many more.
Plus, Bakery Nouveau to open a flagship shop in Burien in September.
Suddenly, superb food and memorable views aren’t mutually exclusive.
Remember when Seattle’s bars and restaurants were kind of indistinguishable? These newcomers are proudly, defiantly drink destinations, two from the same pair of local beverage luminaries. And yet we keep coming back for the food.